Long-Term Care

There might come a point in our lives where we simply need some help with the tasks of daily living - like washing, dressing, preparing food, and more. A long-term care policy will cover you for the type of help you might need.

There is a wide range of options to explore. Some policies might cover your stay in a personal care home; others will pay for help coming to your home. Some policies offer coverage for a defined period of time; others are indefinite. Some policies cover therapeutic services you might need; others don't. Some policies will reimburse you for services you use; others will provide a scheduled payment without you having to show what services you used.

In all cases, the message is pretty clear - we're not getting any younger and some day, we might need help. You'll want to make the decision based on your family situation, your own personal resources, and other factors. Your Castle Broker will help you sift through the options.

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