Life insurance. Disability. Critical illness.

We're not going to lie. These aren't sexy subjects. Buying a life insurance policy is nowhere nearly as much fun as buying a new car or a television or a nice new outfit. It is waaay cooler to say "Hey, check out my new convertible!" than "Hey, check out my new 30-year term policy!"

That said, the team at Castle Insurance is passionate about connecting you with a policy that will give you peace of mind and protect your family in the event that lousy things happen to you.

Ours is a new generation of insurance brokers. We listen to you, we scour the market, and we connect you with the best possible policies for your situation - at the best possible price.

Castle's brokers live and breathe in Manitoba. They're in your community. They understand your needs. At Castle, we know the market, we know the options, and we know that our success depends on your satisfaction.

Insurance can be complicated. We'll keep the process as simple and relaxed as possible. Not a lot of hard sell - just a lot of great information to help you make your decision.

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